About me

Erin Dollar

I’m Erin Dollar, the creator and maker-in-chief of Cotton & Flax. I’m currently living in Los Angeles, California, but I am a native Oregonian, and a Portland girl at heart. I create all the work for Cotton & Flax in my home studio, where I draw/design, print, and sew items for my shop. I’m obsessed with printmaking, textile design, snail mail, reading books, and geeking out about handmade culture in general. I try my best to look like the put-together lady on the right, but most of the time I’m the overly excited, messy apron wearing printmaker on the left.

My goals for the Cotton & Flax blog are to:

  • Talk about my work for Cotton & Flax and reveal the process, ideas, and ethics behind the items I create.
  • Explore my community (Los Angeles, and the creative community of the greater United States) and meet other creative people.
  • Promote thoughtful living and interaction (through snail mail and working on creative projects together).
  • Share other artists’ work that inspires me.

Get in touch! I love getting email at: hello {at} cottonandflax.com. Or you can get in touch with me on Twitter, I’m @cottonandflax.