My Patterned Security Envelope Collection

I don’t collect many things, but I happen to collect patterned security envelopes. You know the ones: they come with your junk mail, your bank statements, pretty much any official document that might have an account number on it comes in a patterned security envelope. I find the patterns totally inspirational, and often turn to my collection for ideas when I am designing for Cotton & Flax.

I am totally fascinated by them. Who designs these intricate patterns? Why are there so many different designs? Is there a reason so many of them are blue? Why are there no pink security envelopes? So many mysteries behind these patterned beauties. Of course, approaching them from an artist’s perspective, some envelopes are better than others. I’ll take a beautifully executed wave pattern over your standard crosshatch pattern any day. But each envelope has it’s own appeal, and taken as a group, it’s hard to deny their charm.

About Erin Dollar

Owner, maker, and designer behind Cotton & Flax. Since 2010, she has been creating modern screenprinted home goods, as well as fine art prints on paper, from her home studio in Los Angeles, California.
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6 Responses to My Patterned Security Envelope Collection

  1. what a cool collection! i am suddenly obsessed with all of those patterns. i can see why they’re inspirational for textiles!

  2. Rebecca says:

    These are so pretty. I need to keep my eyes peeled when I open envelopes!

  3. Samantha says:

    I have never noticed anything interesting, but I am certainly going to check now! Thanks for the beautiful post.

    I think pink would be too light when held up to the light, perhaps?

  4. bp says:

    Erin, I love your blog.
    – Becky

  5. April says:

    I am glad to hear i am not the only one that keeps these. My partner thinks I am a crazy person. They are totally inspiring, agreed. I think they would be great for some awesome sewn paper wall hanging, or folded paper installation.

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